Restaurant Review: Bombay Salsa Co. Food Truck

What happens when you combine Indian food with Mexican food? We went to find out at Bombay Salsa Co.’s grand re-opening a few weeks ago. Bombay Salsa Co. is a food truck run by Hitish Nathani and his fantastic father with the support of their family. Biochemistry professor by day and ‘Salsero’ by night, it’s obvious that Mr. Nathani has a passion for food and he recently spent a few months traveling all over India for inspiration and new items to add to his menu. The menu itself is a blend of an Indian street food/Chipotle/Taco Bell style options (many Indian college students have dreamt of such a thing): you pick whether you’d like a quesadilla, burrito, or taco and then you pick a style (Indian or Mexican) and a protein (chicken, tofu, or paneer). We enjoyed tasting a variety of things off of the menu with some friends and if Indian Mexican fusion food was something you dreamt about in your dorm room, read on!  🙂

The most recent addition to the menu, Vada Pav, is a very popular street food in Mumbai and is a little like an Indian kolache with a really fresh tart/salty/spicy green mint and cilantro chutney drizzled on top. The flavors were nice but I think I would have liked some sort of crunch with it since the potatoes and bread were both soft/chewy.

Vada Pav

It seemed one of the most popular menu items ordered was the Tandoori Chicken Bombay Taco. My husband tried it and thought it was the best thing on the menu and really enjoyed the fresh beet-infused onions and the marinated chicken. It was relatively spicy but came with a tamarind sauce. If you don’t like too much sweetness with your savory foods, I would ask for the delicious sweet and tangy tamarind sauce on the side. 

Chicken Tikki Taco

The Bombay Quesadilla with Tandoori Style Tofu had a chewy and flaky paratha base with cheese, seasoned tofu, some long-grained rice, and the pickled onions. I had never had melted cheese with Indian food before but it was an interesting texture.

Tofu Quesadilla

The Biryani Burrito with Paneer was wrapped in a flour tortilla with spicy biryani rice, cheese, marinated paneer, and beet-infused onions. The tortilla was nice because it was thin and the different textures of rice, paneer, and onions added some layered flavors that were different than the other menu items.

Biryani Burrito with Paneer

I am very very picky with desserts and the Gulab Jamun was ok. I don’t like mine too sweet or syrupy so it was a little too much for me, but I think the rose flavor and texture were on par with other Indian restaurants in town. We also tried the herbal lemonade with mint, ginger, and other spices and it tasted like it came straight from the streets of India. It was really really sweet and had the masala flavor that people either love or hate. Mr. Nathani mentioned that he would be getting a fryer installed soon and I noticed on their Facebook page that they were serving samosas/empanadas last weekend.

Gulab Jamun

Make sure to ‘Like’ their Facebook page if you plan to try it out. Mr. Nathani updates the page regularly with new menu items and fantastic photos of their creations and his trip to India.  

Bombay Salsa Co.

Location: 15607 Chase Hill Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78249  (Located in the CVS parking lot across from UTSA)

Open Thu-Sat 6:30 PM – 12:00 AM

Facebook Page:

Twitter: @BombaySalsaCo

Phone: (210) 201-2021


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