Review: South Alamode Panini & Gelato Company

“South Alamode Gelato opened in May 2014 serving gelato at local farmers markets utilizing the freshest locally sourced fruits, milk, nuts, and other ingredients.” – South Alamode Website

It is a BYOB gelato and panini cafe that opened a storefront in May 2015 in the King William district (Blue Star Arts Complex) that is dog friendly and delicious.

What more can you ask for?

South Alamode

My husband and I tried South Alamode a week ago with some friends and went back today to try a panini since we already loved their gelato. The 16 flavors change frequently and last time I had a strawberry lavender sorbetto (recommended by Sammy, a really friendly staff member) that was definitely the best strawberry gelato/ice cream that I’ve ever had. I also had a really refreshing cucumber sorbetto. Today’s flavors are shown below:


The interior is really bright and welcoming and the decor is a nice blend of wood, brick, concrete, and pops of bright color that fits right in with the Blue Star esthetic. Their current featured local artist is Eric Breish and the pieces that they have currently are really beautiful. More on his art can be found at his website ( ).


It’s dog-friendly and our dog Nemo loved the clean and cool concrete floor after walking in the Texas summer heat. Diletta Gallorini, one of the owners (along with her husband Chef Josh Biffle), even brought out some water for her without us asking! (Thank you again!) Dog Friendly

Their paninis are made from locally sourced ingredients that are beautifully displayed. It felt like I was in Italy staring into the deli case with all the fresh cheeses and meats that were nicely labeled.

Panini Ingredients

We chose to share the Caprese panini since it was the only vegetarian option on the menu and it was delicious! It was the perfect proportion of filling to bread and the perfect texture with a light crunch and then soft and chewy interior. Apparently they get pastries and bread from Bakery Lorraine. I would definitely order it again and it was reasonably priced at $8.

They had a special today for those who liked and commented on a post on their Facebook site: buy a panini and get a cone or cup of gelato for free! They often have specials on their Facebook page which is really nice for those of us who live in the neighborhood. The flavors we chose today were: vanilla bean bourbon, pineapple & ginger with dark rum, and blackberry sorbet and each of them was so good! We could see fresh ginger that was shredded into the gelato and the vanilla bean specks and the flavors were really fresh and flavorful. The blackberry sorbet was a little on the sweet side but complemented the smooth vanilla bean bourbon perfectly.


Overall we were very impressed with the food and experience and the gelato was the closest in flavor and texture to the gelato I’ve had in Italy. Everybody that works there has been very friendly and they don’t get frustrated when you ask to try 6 flavors of gelato before deciding on the 2-4 that you want. The portion size is generous so it’s fun to share a small (2 flavors) or medium (3 flavors) between two people. Next time I go I’m definitely going to try the Affogato: one scoop of Vanilla Bean Bourbon with a double shot of espresso on top! Thanks for a great experience Diletta Gallorini, Josh Biffle and South Alamode staff!

South Alamode Panini & Gelato Company

Location: 1420 S Alamo, San Antonio, TX (Blue Star Arts Complex)

Open Sun, T/W/Th: 11am-10pm Fri/Sat: 11am-Midnight (check their Facebook page for First Friday hours!) Closed Monday

Facebook Page:



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